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Cialis: The Solving You Were looking For!

Today a lot of men practically of all age groups and races come across the same problem, namely erectile dysfunction. It's really awful when a man suffers from the impossibility of good sexual intercourse with his partner. Of course, the partner suffers as well.

What is the judgment? How can a male patient solve such a delicate problem? Numerous advertisements proclaim: Buy Cialis and have a great sex! Buy Cialis and obtain your second youth! Buy Cialis and get the absolute confidence about your sexual power! Is it true? Or Cialis is a myth which has been thought out to cheat us? Let's look closer at some questions about this famous medication.

First of all, does Cialis really work? The answer is - YES IT DOES. And the second reasonable question is - how does it work? Maybe it is harmful for a human organism to administer Cialis? Well, let us assure you that pharmaceutical researches and studies have proven the calming fact: Cialis works only by supporting the flow of blood coming into the body of the penis. It all comes in a natural way. Therefore, when you buy Cialis you can be sure that it does not contain any substances which might be harmful for the systems of your organsm. Moreover, Cialis does not cause addiction, in any case.

The active substance which is being used in Cialis is Tadalafil. It is widely known for excellent ability if inhibiting the enzyme identified as Phosphodiesterase type-5. This substance is produced in a natural way in the erectile penis, and it can break down the cyclic GMP, a certain substance produced during sexual excitement. It causes those vascular and muscular changes which, in conclusion, lead to the erection itself.

Maybe you need further evidence? The proof can be submitted even without going deep into the medicinal terminology. The best evidence of safety and efficiency of Cialis is the fact that it is widely spread all over the world. This treatment is a good and tried-and-true way of coping with the erectile dysfunction in men. Cialis enhances the natural ability of a male organism to have and maintain an erection. Therefore, if you buy Cialis, you can be confident about its safety and efficiency.

One can ask: why Cialis? What are the advantages of Cialis over Viagra? They lie in ability of Cialis to work faster and last longer. Whilst Viagra, typically, takes effect within sixty minutes and works approximately during four hours, in trials Cialis was successful within 30 minutes and lasted for twelve hours. In some cases Cialis has even demonstrated its efficiency up to the whole period of twenty-four hours after administration.

The tablet of Cialis should be administered from 4 hours to 30 minutes before the sexual activity. And the typical time for using Cialis is just about 1 hour before having sex. It's very convenient, so you can take Cialis without being afraid of consequences.

You should bear in mind that Cialis works after some sexual stimulation which is required to obtain an erection. Cialis is an absolutely safe and authorized medication which helps men all over the world to enhance the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of their sexual life.

However, you should also take into consideration several important safety measures concerning usage of Cialis. They are listed below. You should not use Cialis if you are taking any type of a medicine which contains nitroglycerin, any nitrates, or nitric oxide, since using Cialis along with this kind of medicinal preparations can cause a harsh drop of your blood pressure. Therefore, if you have uncontrolled blood pressure (increased or lowered), or if you have a history of any heart problems, especially within the last six months, you should not use Cialis. You should also use Cialis watchfully if you have any genital disease, problem or deformity. If your erection is maintained more than several hours, you should search for medical attention, because such a state can become the reason of permanent damage and even permanent impotence. If any cardiac symptoms take place and develop, you should stop using this medicinal preparation and consult with your healthcare professional.

You should consult with your physician prior to initiating of administering of this drug. Your healthcare professional or pharmacist should ascertain the most suitable dose for your innodividual case. Always remember that it is unnecessary and even dangerous to exceed the determined dose of Cialis. And in the case when you suppose a possible overdose, search for medical attention right away. Quite rarely Cialis may cause some insignificant and moderate unfavorable effects. Generally they are the following: hot flushing, rash, headache, nasal congestion, minor changes of vision, indigestion, and/or dizziness. However, the mentioned conditions generally fade out by themselves after a couple of hours, or up to one day.

Besides, there are some health problems which mean that you should not take Cialis if you have any of them. Therefore, you must consult with your doctor prior to starting administering of this medication. You should not drink outsized amounts of alcohol, because it can significantly increase the risk of incidence of some side effects in the process of Cialis usage. Your physician or pharmacist should monitor how your organism reacts to Cialis. He can also adjust your dose depending on the result of such control measures. If your doctor has no objections against your usage of this medication, you can buy Cialis and enjoy the new possibilities in your sexual life!

Cialis is intended to be maintained in its original container, at the temperature range from 15-30ÒÀC (which is equal to 59-86 ÒÀF). You should always keep it away from heat, moisture (i.e. not in your bathroom), and light, and store it out of the potential reach of children. © 2009.